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Getting Ripped Off By Your Mechanic?

September 25, 2022

Did you know that in many circumstances, mechanics and repair shops are required to give you a written estimate BEFORE they make repairs to your car? If your repairs will cost more than $100, the shop must provide a WRITTEN estimate which must include a lot of information. The following lists only a few items the shop must tell you ahead of time:

- The shop’s daily “storage” fee.

- The proposed work completion date.

- If you are being charged hourly, a flat rate, or both.

- If the shop is charging you for shop supplies.

- If the shop is charging you for waste removal.

You should also be given the opportunity to read and sign the estimate. If the shop does not provide you with a written estimate containing every item above (and many more), then you may not be required to pay for all of the shop’s “repairs.” Also, it is against the law for the shop to keep your car if you refuse to pay for unauthorized repairs. If your car is already in the shop and they are charging you daily “storage” fees, you are not required to pay the fees unless the shop told you about the fees beforehand.

Keep in mind that there are ways you can accidentally lose you right to a WRITTEN estimate. If you do any of the following, the shop may not be required to give you a written estimate:

- If you drop your car off at the shop when the shop is closed.

- If you allow someone else to deliver your car to the shop.

- If you allow someone from the shop to bring your car to the shop.

If you believe that your mechanic is ripping you off, knowing your rights and how you can lose them is the key. Don’t be intimidated, hire an experienced attorney who will fight to get your money back in your pocket and your car back on the road.

Employer Requiring The Covid-19 Vaccine?

January 3, 2022

Is your employer requiring you to get the COVID-19 vaccination? A new law in Florida states that many employers cannot require a vaccination unless their employees can opt out based on medical or religious reasons. Employers who fail to comply can face fines of $50,000 per violation. If you need help with issues involving your employer, call Squires & Ryan today.

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