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How We Can Help You

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Get Help Fighting Your Denied Or  Underpaid Hurricane Ian Claim!

A hurricane, flood, or house fire can be a devastating event, especially if you're concerned about paying for your losses. If you've submitted a property insurance claim after a disaster and were denied by your insurance provider, Squires & Ryan, PLLC can help.

Our property insurance attorneys can help you challenge your claim so you can get the necessary coverage for repairs or lost items. Call 813-922-2803 today or send us an email at to start challenging your claim.


Challenge denied or underpaid property insurance claim that was rejected by your provider isn't' always easy. Fortunately, you've come to the right place for help. Squires & Ryan, PLLC works with homeowners in Tampa Bay, FL and surrounding areas.

We can help you challenge your property insurance claim after a:

  • Hurricane

  • Fire

  • Flood

  • Wind storm

  • Burst pipe

  • Break-in

  • Sink Hole

  • Mold


Dealing with a claim that was undervalued? Our team will stand up to your insurance company and fight for fair coverage. Contact us today to speak with a property insurance attorney.

Understand your rights as an employee

It's important to know your rights in the workplace. Did you know that federal law forbids employers from discriminating on the basis of age, gender, religion, national origin or race? Even if you are a at will employee. If your rights have been violated by your employer, turn to Squires & Ryan, PLLC for legal support.

Our employment law attorney can review your case and help you fight back against mistreatment or wrongful termination. Set up an appointment with a wrongful termination attorney today.

Signing a Contract
Insurance Agent

Fight for the injury compensation you deserve

If you or a loved one has been injured, we're here to help. We understand that the first few days following a dangerous accident should be spent recovering with friends and family, and insurance companies do little to help the often confused victim. The insurance company's goal is to close your claim as quickly as possible. At Squires & Ryan we assist with initial claim reporting, inspection and damage estimation, medical treatment and documentation, retaining experts to prove your case, and ultimately securing a great settlement. If necessary, we have the experience and skills to prevail at trial and make the insurance companies pay what they owe. With most personal injury matters, there's NO FEE until we WIN. Call or email now for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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